In a recent survey, Forbes figured out how optimistic the entrepreneurs are about AI in shaping up the future. The business leaders have shown a positive outlook on the evolution of AI and making them more competent with time. AI can also be advantageous in the job market as well. Any leading staffing agency in USAlooking forward to eliminating any human error and increasing more pace of the recruiting procedure prefers adopting the advanced recruitment technology powered by AI.

When a certain group of industry professionals are targeting the positive results that AI provides in the hiring process, another group is pointing out the glitches of fully depending on the AI, for recruitment. For them, the human involvement is somehow necessary instead of depending on the machine learning technology completely.

Here, in this article, we are about to explore the advantages and disadvantages of AI in the hiring process

Advantages of AI in the Hiring Process

AI Saves Time by performing better sourcing

AI is highly efficient in finding the potential candidates faster. In a significantly reduced time, AI is capable of shortlisting the most eligible candidates for the particular job openings rather than the human initiative.

Normally, HRs of any headhunting agency or even a company where the recruitment process is ongoing; have to spend hours searching resumes from their database, scanning the LinkedIn profiles, or attending career/job fairs to track the most efficient candidates to whom they can approach for the job opening.

AI is capable of automating the process and identifying the top talents in its system to HR. In the next step, it’s the job of the hiring team to connect with the candidates that they find ideal for the job.

AI Doing HR tasks by eliminating routine tasks of the team

Many HR teams are profoundly happy by adopting AI in their workplace. According to these Human Resource professionals, the AI is taking care of the routine tasks by attending the inquiries of the employees. The HRs can now focus more on productivity when a generative AI is answering the employees’ questions pertaining to leave applications, vacation allocations, etc. The HRs are also satisfied with the smart AI tools, developing a production script for training videos that also talks about the ethics, compliance, liabilities etc.

Faster & Better Communication with AI

AI fuels the communication of any HR team. Recruiters want to maintain good communication with their candidates but often find it challenging to maintain that close bond with each candidate at once. AI is contributing to improving communication among the HRs and the candidates.

The dependency on personality AI is also seen in many recruitment agencies. Here, the AI is used to identify the personality traits of the candidates by analyzing how fast they interact, what they say, and how they answer. The AI relays the data to the HRs with provides a final result that helps immensely in the decision-making process during recruitment.

AI works as a representative to the candidates who reach the recruitment agency with any query. The rise of chatbots happened with empowering AI. Until the HR answers the candidates manually, the AI offers an instant support on both ends.

Disadvantages of AI in the Hiring Process

Besides showing the maverick achievements by sourcing, screening, reducing human bias, and improving communications, AI lacks some potential, which we can term as “disadvantages”. Let’s find out some of the cons or disadvantages of AI in the hiring process.

AI lacks human judgment

AI might be efficient in predicting patterns but it lacks the potential of human judgment which is often what we call the sixth sense. This process is mainly shown by humans during the screening process. Many professional recruiters think beyond what they see in the resume and approach the candidates to appear for an interview.

AI is restricted within the data that guides it to screen the candidates. It lacks the soul, thus, many senior recruiting professionals are found requesting others to blindly follow the pattern of AI. Instead, they should also incorporate their human judgmental potential and together uplift the recruiting process.

Selecting the most potential candidates for increasing the work productivity is what the recruiting agencies aim in.

AI often overlooks better candidates

Depending totally on the AI can have to pay a huge price to the recruiting agencies. Even though the AI used at the HR offices is smart and evolved, it often overlooks the better candidates. Being a machine learning product, AI strictly follows the information used in building it. In this process, it often misses the candidates who can perform better even though some of the expected skill sets don’t match with them!

Employees distrust AI

Many professionals in various fields find it difficult to depend on the recruiters that use AI for selecting candidates. According to a recent study, AI is already creating ripples in the job market as many professionals, particularly in the digital field are finding AI as a job-eating monster, resulting in unemployment. Perhaps, it can be a hidden fear fueling the growing distrust in AI for many employees.

AI is biased according to many

Companies follow ethical standards while vetting recruitment agencies using AI technologies to provide faster and better recruitment. They also have to give an explanation of how the AI technologies or tools work in the screening process of the candidates. Top HR leaders thus run a thorough test of the chosen AI tools and technologies before deploying it.

The aim is to find out the best candidates for the job openings without having any room for personal reasons. For an unbiased recruitment procedure, the AI is supported in many cases while not in some.

To conclude, AI is still evolving and with time, it will show more efficiency in not only reducing many tasks of the recruiters but in other sectors also. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of AI in the hiring process, before embracing it unknowingly.

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FAQs AI in the Hiring Process

Does AI help in recruitment?

Yes, AI tools and technologies are highly in use in recruitment sectors. HRs finds the hiring process better by using AI. 

How can AI support HRs?

AI is supporting the HR professionals by preparing the scripts for training videos focusing on the work ethics, compliances, company policies etc. 

Is AI bias for recruiting?

According to many HRs, AI is unbiased during the screening process of candidates, while many supporting the opposite by claiming AI tools and technologies are biased during the screening method as it blindly follows how it has been made.